Lotlinx Weekly News Vol. 275: The brand-loyal customer is always right

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Learn the driving factors to move used inventory faster

It today’s market, it is crucial to have precise control over used inventory. Proper management of inventory selection, pricing, and demand helps maximize profitability and inventory turnover. Learn the current used car market trends, understand how shopper intensity can affect your marketing budget, and ask yourself – do you know everything about your used inventory?

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Industry roundup:

FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWSNew vehicle inventories up again, to 1.95 million

In June, U.S. new vehicle inventory surged due to the rise of unsold EVs. The estimated unsold inventory reached 1,953,512 vehicles, a 53-day supply, up 75% from 2022. EVs had a 103-day supply, while Toyota and Honda had the smallest day’s supply among nameplates. 

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FROM WARDS AUTO: Brand loyalty is weak for all auto brands – except Tesla

Inventory constraints have resulted in declining brand loyalty throughout the automotive industry. General Motors and Stellantis fare well in manufacturer loyalty, while Tesla stands out as the only luxury brand with high customer loyalty, as 68% of owners have purchased another Tesla.

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FROM COX AUTOMOTIVEWholesale used-vehicle prices decline in first half of July

In the first 15 days of July, wholesale used vehicle prices declined 1% from June. All major market segments experienced lower seasonally adjusted prices, with compact cars facing the most significant reduction of 15% and pickups seeing the smallest decline at 6.5%.

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FROM AUTO REMARKETING: Auto Remarketing Women in Retail

Auto Remarketing’s 2023 Women in Retail Award celebrates outstanding leaders in the automotive industry and recognizes their unwavering commitment to inspiring innovation and empowerment. Join us in celebrating these exceptional leaders!

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