Learn the driving factors to move used inventory faster

Do you know everything about your used inventory?

In today’s market, it is crucial to have precise control over used car inventory. This can be achieved through effective price management and diligent monitoring of demand for every vehicle in stock. Proper management of inventory selection, pricing, and demand helps maximize profitability and inventory turnover. Listen to Rick Dearden and Angela Mancuso cover the current used car market trends, review regional variations in selldown rate & days on lot, and outline strategies that you can implement at your dealership to take back control of your used car inventory.

Key takeaways:

  1. Review the current used car inventory trends we are seeing in the market
  2. Understand how shopper intensity can affect your marketing budget
  3. Dissect the average days on lot for used cars and cover strategies to move them
  4. Dive into the regional variations in selldown rate and days on lot by geographic area

About the Speakers:

Rick Dearden currently serves as a Regional Director at Lotlinx, leveraging over 23 years of experience in the automotive industry. With a notable background at TrueCar and CoxAutomotive, collaborating with renowned brands like Autotrade, KBB, vAuto, and Dealer.com, Rick has been instrumental in driving business growth and success. His expertise spans various areas, including SEM, SEO, Social Media, Website Conversion, and Reputation Management.

Angela Mancuso currently serves as Market Manager at Lotlinx. With prior experience at AutoAlert and VINCUE, Angela utilizes her in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry to implement innovative marketing strategies for inventory. Working with cutting edge technology, Angela works closely with dealerships to optimize advertising efforts and maximizing the effectiveness of the Lotlinx Platform.

About Lotlinx:

Lotlinx empowers automobile dealers with data and technology to give the best possible market advantage on every vehicle transaction. Lotlinx offers a suite of features such as real-time market analysis, inventory management, and precision targeted vehicle advertising. Dealers leverage the platform to identify potential inventory risks and execute VIN-specific strategies enabling them to move inventory faster and more efficiently.

To start leveraging Lotlinx technology at your dealership, request a free, individualized Inventory Risk Analysis. 

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