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Play 1: Inspect Your Market Share

Analyze where you rank in Market Share vs. your Key Competitors and Local Market.

Know your market share by bodystyle compared to your Key Competitors. Analyze the data to determine where you can increase your share by focusing budget into the segments where you are not #1 in your market.

Inspect Market Share

Inspect Inventory

Play 2: Inspect Your Inventory

Segment and target your Risk Inventory into Aging, Performance, Supply/Demand, Financial and Merchandising Risk categories.

Analyze and breakdown your inventory mix by Risk to understand which segments require more budget allocation. Avoid aging above the market average through understanding of your risk categories

Play 3: Inspect In-Market Delivery

Calculate the current in-market demand for your inventory, and increase allocation against your key Risk categories.

View the current in-market demand and paid digital delivery against your inventory. Utilize the filtering to focus into specific Risk or Bodystyle segments.

Inspect Delivery

Digital Delivery Inspection

Play 4: Inspect Your Digital Channels

Determine the sources of traffic that are not engaging with your inventory, and driving up wasted spend against your Risk Inventory.

Play 5: Launch Your Strategic Plan

Execute your custom, optimized strategy to focus investment into your Key Risk categories, or into Inventory Segments where you trail the competition in Market Share.

Recommendation Strategy

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As we look to the future, many in the automotive industry are wondering how to navigate the economic uncertainty of 2023. One of the most important factors for success in this environment will be inventory risk management and understanding the market trends in your area. By analyzing market share and understanding the performance of your competitors, you can make informed decisions about your dealership’s inventory and marketing strategy.

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