LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 120: Swing for the AI

This week’s auto advancements hit it out of the park. Check out a list of the top 500 dealers in the nation and predictions for July used-car sales. Plus, read why the average age of vehicles continues to rise.


FROM WARDSAUTO: Dealer 500: Home of the Brave Faces

The top 500 dealers in the nation share their best practices for taking the pandemic head on and keeping their operations afloat for both staff and customers.

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FROM REUTERS: Americans Are Driving Older Cars as Workers Stay Home, Economy Slows

The average age of vehicles on the road has reached a high of 11.9 years old. COVID-related slowdowns are expected to quickly push the average into the 12-year range, putting more focus on service departments as the trend rises.

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FROM CBT NEWS: Auto Industry Braces for Next Wave of COVID-19 Cases

After five months, OEMs are still trying to balance the safety of their employees while maintaining production levels. Domestic new vehicle supplies will continue to hurt as cases rise in factory-heavy states.

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FROM AUTO REMARKETING: Early Look at July’s Used-Car Sales Figures

Going into the end of the month, used-car sales are expected to have risen 9% year over year. This increase has been bolstered by the continued switch from new to used, with 11% of consumers intending to buy new taking off in a used vehicle.

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