LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 208: Is your dealership mastering market share?

FROM REUTERS: U.S. Auto Sales Slide in Q1, Toyota Outsells GM

National light vehicle sales were down 15.7% quarter over quarter. A handful of brands saw declines over 20%, while brands like Toyota, with a number of electric offerings, saw more favorable results. 

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FROM CAR AND DRIVER: U.S. Now Requiring New-Vehicle Fleet to Average 49 MPG by 2026

The Department of Transportation is giving automakers four years to implement the fuel-efficiency standard across all models. What consumers could eventually save on gas will most likely be made up in the increased price of a new vehicle.

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FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: 2022 List of the Top U.S. Dealership Groups

The industry’s top 10 and top 150 dealerships continue to acquire larger shares of the country’s total vehicle sales and total number of storefronts, proving the most competitive brands are only getting stronger in the changing market. 

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FROM BUSINESS INSIDER: GM and Honda Are Working to Build Electric Vehicles That People Can Actually Afford

The major automakers are partnering to increase the accessibility of electric vehicles. Earlier this year, the average EV sold for over $60,000. The duo hopes to develop models closer to the $30,000 price point.

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