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Striking a balance


Selling cars requires a delicate balance of financial, operational, and marketing resources for every unit.

The Inventory Risk Analysis uses your store’s data to identify the wasteful and at-risk units on your lot.

“Waste” means you’re allocating too many resources to successfully sell a car.

“Risk” means you’re not allocating enough resources to successfully sell a car.

Once you identify the holes in your marketing efforts, the Lotlinx platform can ensure proper resource allocation for every unit on your lot, meaning every unit will not only sell successfully, but profitably.

Request an Inventory Risk Analysis:

Your Inventory Risk Analysis

A Lotlinx expert will help you:

Understand how your financial, operational, and marketing efforts are impacting every unit in your inventory



Identify at-risk inventory without enough marketing or financial resources to sell

Identify wasteful inventory taking up more marketing and financial resources than are necessary to sell

Receive personalized recommendations for leveling the playing field and profitably selling inventory

Take your dealership to the next level.

It’s your dealership. Control it with Lotlinx.

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