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Sell more cars by gaining greater control over every dollar you spend.

How it all began

We’re a tech company that partners with car dealers. Our flagship precision retailing platform provides full control over every vehicle during every part of the retail process.

From inventory, to pricing, to marketing, we’ve got you covered. The result is higher turn rates, more efficient spending, increased market share, and more time.

It’s your dealership. Control it with Lotlinx.

Our story

With decades of automotive experience between them, our founders Len Short, Robert Vucic and Jason Knight lived the problems dealers faced.

With too many layers wedged between dealers and shoppers, they wanted to give dealers more control. However, at the time, the technology dealers needed to identify and respond to their specific requirements didn’t exist.

Len Short Chairman, CEO

On a mission to make it easier to connect with customers and save dealers time and money, they started, a Vehicle Display Network that allowed shoppers to search dealers’ inventories.

It was a start, but they knew they could do more.

And so, they set out to do something that hadn’t been done before—bring dealers directly to the right customers, unrestricted by channel.

With that vision,
Lotlinx was born.

Since our launch in 2012, we’ve grown quickly and consistently. As our early adopters reaped the rewards, word spread. Within a year, more than 100
dealers actively used Lotlinx to sell more cars.

Today, we work with thousands of dealers, including hundreds of rooftops under the Nation’s Top 100 Auto Groups. We partner with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), co-op programs, and a vast network of resellers.

We’re the only solution that begins by determining a dealer’s inventory needs and uses the latest technologies and machine learning to put specific cars in front of specific buyers—while making it easy to access meaningful data on ROI. We also offer a simple cost per unique shopper, with completely transparent pricing.

We know technology can’t replace you, but it can help you do what you do best, at scale.
Let’s take back control together.


  • VVO 2.0 – The Vin View Optimizer™ solution launches, breaking down a dealership’s marketing spend by VIN, channel, and source/medium. VVO 2.0 helps dealers run leaner marketing operations.
  • TurnX – The all-new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solution brings real-time pricing, demand, and competitor data to dealers’ desktops, eliminating digital waste and maximizing profit potential.
  • VIN Strategy Report – The Lotlinx VIN Strategy Report is released, examining a dealer’s complete inventory to identify opportunities and challenges.
  • VINtv – The video advertising platform launches, utilizing our capabilities to position advertising segments on the most effective channels used in the car buying research process.
  • COVID-19 Market Update Report – To arm dealers and automotive partners with actionable data, we release an extensive report covering government, OEM, and consumer responses to the pandemic.
  • PCG’s Vanguard & NextGen Leader Automotive Website Award Win – The award recognizes companies and products leading the way in the automotive industry.
  • Lotlinx AI 50 – The new product launches, using AI to select a dealership’s top 50 VINs needing marketing exposure. Dealers can market cars directly to the shoppers wanting to buy them.
  • SocialAI – The AI-powered social marketing solution launches, improving performance while utilizing spend.
  • SEMAI – The AI-powered search engine marketing (SEM) solution goes live. The release optimizes inventory marketing campaigns to account for changing consumer and market trends.
  • TURN 3.0 – The 3.0 release of the award-winning Lotlinx TURN platform becomes the first truly AI-powered inventory marketing platform in the industry.
  • Advertising patent (third party search results) – We secure the patent for ‘advertising uniquely identifiable objects along with third party search results’. Dealers are given more control of the online retail process as they can decide which relevant vehicles are served to potential customers and when.
  • Advertising patent (uniquely identifying objects) – Our first advertising patent is granted, related to ‘advertising of uniquely identifying objects.’ The breakthrough means we gain the unique capability of enhancing web pages with related sponsored adverts.
  • VINdrop – The new sales solution launches, giving dealers the ability to drive engaged shoppers to the highest ROI inventory and VINs that are not achieving the engagements needed to sell.
  • PhotoAI – The release uses AI to automatically populate visually appealing vehicle photography the same day a VIN is acquired, increasing time to market and saving holding costs.
  • Lotlinx VS – The launch of the new solution means dealers can target visitors of their Vehicle Details Pages (VDPs) and remarket to shoppers if they have shown interest on Facebook or Instagram.
  • 2017 Automotive Website Award Win – The award in the Best Digital Marketing Software category recognizes TURN as a best-in-class solution for dealers ready to optimize campaigns through a single, easy-to-use tool.
  • Turn2.0 – The release is the automotive industry’s first cloud-based marketing platform created to analyze inventory, build VIN-specific campaigns, and spur engagement in one easy-to-use interface.
  • CXAmp VDP – The new solution converts highly engaged mobile shoppers into sales leads. We also back the Google-led AMP Project, which is built around speed being the key factor in a mobile-first world.
  • VIN View Optimizer (VVO) – The release of the analytics tool means dealers can track marketplace engagement at the vehicle level. By understanding which cars are getting attention, they can redistribute ad spend.
  • Lotlinx VIN-specific AI – The world-first means we can give dealers the ability to analyze and target inventory at the VIN-level.
  • Turn1 – The first iteration of the VIN Campaign Management Platform is released.
  • Lotlinx Vehicle Display Network – The first VIN-specific inventory advertising technology that deep links consumers shopping on more than 125 automotive search sites directly to dealer Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs) launches.
  • Lotlinx Founded – The launch of the company introduces dealers to a VIN-specific approach to traffic (unique ID/serial number).
  • Patents Filed – The move would pave the way for dealers being able to advertise their inventory to relevant customers, increasing churn and freeing up their lot.
  • Founded – Lotlinx founders launched the Vehicle Display Network, enabling shoppers to easily search dealer inventory.