Lotlinx VIN Manager

Lotlinx VIN Manager is an interactive platform that delivers customized business tools to dealers. Lotlinx VIN Manager helps dealers do what they love: reduce inventory risk, increase profits and serve customers better.

It’s the secret to your success. Lotlinx VIN Manager gives you precise control over every part of the retail process to maximize profits. Using predictive technology, we help dealers customize inventory and target marketing spend so they can sell more vehicles at higher margins. It’s like having an expert on staff for every unit in your store.

Does the same thing you would do, only 30,000 times per second.

LotLinx automatically detects the risk VINs by reading market signals and evaluating lot conditions, focusing advertising spending on the VINs that need it. LotLinx applies spend to the inventory with the highest ROI opportunities so dealers spend less and earn more per vehicle.

Lotlinx VIN Manager

Increase market share by segment

View real-time market share rankings versus the overall market and key competitors. Regularly monitoring sales pace by model and by dealership gives you the capacity to proactively adjust your marketing strategy at any time.

Reduce risk 

Understand how every vehicle is positioned within the marketplace. Regularly reviewing factors like pricing, days on lot, and in-market shopper demand for every vehicle can help to avoid additional costs.

Reach shoppers in your area 

Get to know the market for your available inventory, right down to the zip code. Identify the number of active shoppers within your local area and how many you’re prepared to reach with your current marketing efforts

Meet delivery goals for every VIN

Take a proactive stance toward selling your inventory. Understanding each VINs place against the market gives you the levers to control the turn rate, days on the lot, and overall gross profit of a sale.

Take your dealership to the next level.

It’s your dealership. Control it with Lotlinx.

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