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Lotlinx is a precision retailing platform.

Why Lotlinx

Dealers used to be in control.  What happened?

Simple:  Digital exploded and the tables turned.  A decade ago there were 40M “auto buyer” digital impressions every month.  Now there are over 400M.  Dealer digital spending has more than doubled chasing this media inflation, yet sales are going the other way.  SaaR then:  15.5M.  SaaR now: 13.3M.  Owner after owner, we hear the same thing: “I’m sure spending a lot more, but I was a 200 unit store then and I’m still a 200 unit store now”.


It’s time for a different approach that starts with the VIN, and hands back control to the dealer.  Powered by big data and deep technology (real tech, not the fake “we do what they do” kind).  Tech that stands up to the channels and makes them earn your business.  Dollar by dollar. Click by click.


Lotlinx was created to hand power back to the Dealer.  It is technology built to align digital with the car-business.  A novel idea in a world conspiring to align the car business with the digital establishment.







Stop bleeding Digital dollars.

Nationally, well over 80% of paid VDP views purchased by Dealers are wasted.  The vast majority of digital spend results in recycled and surplus eyeballs on already high-demand and profitable units.  Conversely, well over 80% of standing inventory is under-shopped.  Why?  Because no matter which vendor you use to push your inventory to the major channels, the channels control and choose the inventory they advertise.


That means the inventory eating your budget is almost always the click candy.  Vettes.  Hellcats.  Limited Edition trucks.  Bargain used units.  Inventory that moves on pace without requiring investment of precious ad budget.  The result?  Budgets burn and big dollars are wasted on empty or meaningless clicks.


Lotlinx VIN Manager provides unique transparency and absolute control down to the VIN level.  Our machines claw back waste from over engaged inventory and automatically redirect dollars and customer demand to the unseen and under engaged inventory on your lot.  These are the units that need the help to sell on time and profitably.







Move on risk before it moves on you.

The role of the Dealer in the supply chain is to take and discharge inventory risk.  A legendary Dealer once said “The units I sell in any given month are only half the game. The units I don’t sell are where I  win or lose.”


As we enter a more competitive cycle in the car business, turn rates, days supply, held gross and PVR quickly become the key focus of any well run dealership.  As the market slows due to interest rate pressure, holding costs and time-based markdowns take their toll.


Lotlinx technologies are designed to predict and pre-empt risk before it takes hold, automatically sensing market dynamics and steering investment and demand to the units that need help.  The compounded impact of machine managed inventory can often be the difference between winning and losing.







Timing is everything.

Buyers will make dozens, even hundreds of clicks on the way to a purchase decision.  Lotlinx started the revolution of dealers driving traffic to VDPs and the industry followed.   Engaging shoppers on your VDPs has become the key to a healthy business.


Suffice to say, not all VDP views are created equal.  The key is timing.  Every Dealer knows that as consumers move down the funnel there is an inflection point when shoppers become buyers.  That final 24-48 hours when they move from “what should I get” to “which one should I get”.  Shoppers become Inventory Specific.  Those are the VDP views that matter when moving inventory.


Lotlinx “secret sauce” is the ability of our machines to sort thru the long chain of shopper clicks to determine when buyers are at the inflection point of deciding which dealer to visit and which unit will bring them there.  Connect with the buyer here, and you are on the way to a sale.







Move metal not vanity metrics.

Let’s face it, the boom in automotive digital has attracted a parade of opportunists.  Venders with no real tech, often gaming the portal platforms to arbitrage junk clicks and hawking vanity metrics.  It’s a relentless shell game of “look over here” while they take a generous cut of your spend, and often wasting the rest.  Infuriating to say the least, and it has left dealers deeply suspicious for good reason.


We all know that the only true measure of return on investment is sales performance vs. market and key competitors.  Are you turning faster?  Are you holding more gross?  Is your share up or down?  These are the only metrics that matter.  If your digital vendor can’t show you how they are moving the needle here, give us a call.







Control VIN engagement.
Control Inventory Turn.
Control Gross and Share.


Predict and mitigate risk

Lotlinx machines use real-time data to continuously monitor over 180 market factors that affect a vehicle’s travel through the lot. With the industry’s largest proprietary data set, we track inventory levels, pricing, sales pace, demand, engagement, sell-down rate, markdown patterns, and even weather conditions. This allows us to identify potential risks and opportunities for each unique vehicle in your inventory and in the surrounding competition.


Our technologies give dealers unparalleled visibility and control over risk management. Challenged VINs are flagged as soon as they arrive on the lot and specific strategies can be implemented to prevent aging and markdowns. With Lotlinx, you can anticipate and mitigate risk, leading to more successful sales and profitability.





Send traction to the VINs that need it

Machine learning is a powerful tool that can track a wide range of market factors, such as supply and demand, weather, pricing, markdowns, and historical sales. This data is used to identify patterns and trends that can help predict how different vehicles in a dealership’s inventory will perform. By analyzing this information in real-time, machine learning algorithms can determine which vehicles are likely to be challenged in terms of sales and which ones are more likely to sell quickly.


By allocating budget to challenged vehicles and reducing spend on easy-to-sell vehicles, machine learning can help dealerships optimize their inventory and make the most of their advertising budget. This can lead to more successful sales and increased profitability. Additionally, by continuously monitoring the market and adjusting strategies as needed, machine learning can help dealerships stay ahead of changes in the market and adapt to new trends as they arise.







Control market share by segment

Lotlinx machine learning technologies can offer a highly targeted approach to reaching potential buyers. By analyzing vast amounts of online behavioral and historical online action data specific to car shopping to the VIN level, the machine learning algorithms can identify patterns and trends that reveal a user’s likelihood to purchase a vehicle. This information is used to target potential buyers at the year, make, and model level with a high degree of precision and personalization, leading to more effective and profitable digital advertising outcomes.


Machine learning also plays a key role in directing these targeted potential buyers to specific VINs that need attention on the dealership’s website. By providing a direct link to the VIN and its details, the platform can help guide the user down the sales funnel and increase the likelihood of making a purchase.


Lotlinx technologies continuously monitor the market and adjust strategies as needed. This proprietary deployment of machine learning can help dealerships stay ahead of changes in the market and adapt to new trends as they arise resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness in selling inventory.





Cut waste

Lotlinx proprietary market demand database leverages behavioral and historical online action data specific to car shopping, allowing dealerships to eliminate wasted ad spend on units that have already received sufficient engagement to sell them profitably.


The platform can identify when a unit has received sufficient views and engagement, allowing the dealership to redirect ad spend and demand to other units that have not received adequate buyer engagement, causing them to age on the lot. This approach can help dealerships avoid the excess holding costs and time-based discounts that erode store profitability.


By continuously monitoring the market and adjusting strategies as needed, the Lotlinx platform can help dealerships stay ahead of changes in the market and adapt to new trends, resulting in more efficient and effective inventory management.





Optimize gross and PVR

Lotlinx machine learning technologies can predict, based on market factors, that a new unit in inventory is at risk of slow sales and repeated discounts. By identifying this risk early on, the machines can redirect demand to that unit and help prevent it from becoming an aged unit on the lot. This preemptive approach can increase the unit’s chances of being sold at a higher margin, and in a timely manner, leading to increased gross margin captured and net profitability per unit sold.


By identifying and addressing potential risks early on, machine learning can help avoid the costs associated with repeated discounts and slow sales. This can result in higher gross margins, better net profitability per unit, and more efficient inventory management. Additionally, machine learning can monitor the market and adjust strategies as needed, enabling the dealership to stay ahead of changes in the market, adapt to new trends, and maximize profitability.





Lotlinx products are tailored to fit your inventory strategy.


Lotlinx VMX

Lotlinx VMX is a powerful browser extension that empowers dealers with VIN-level insights and recommendations to take control of their marketing efforts.


VMX flags potential risk VINs, enabling dealers to take immediate corrective action. With access to Lotlinx’s proprietary data set of real-time market factors such as pricing, stocking, sales, shopper demand, competitive performance and shopper engagement, VMX offers the industry’s largest proprietary market factor database from any desktop for free. This allows dealers to make data-driven decisions to optimize their inventory and maximize profitability.

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Lotlinx VIN Manager

Lotlinx VIN Manager is an advanced interactive platform that gives dealers complete control over their inventory challenges. With VIN Manager, dealers can easily identify potential risks such as aging, pricing, and competition, and execute VIN-specific inventory strategies to correct them.


The platform is completely customizable to meet the unique needs of any dealership, providing them with tailored solutions to optimize their inventory and increase profitability.

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Lotlinx Complete

Lotlinx Complete is a comprehensive platform solution that provides dealers with complete control over their entire inventory. With its VIN-level marketing, pricing, and acquisition capabilities, Complete ensures that every vehicle on the lot is optimized for maximum profitability.


The platform offers a suite of features such as real-time market analysis, inventory management, and targeted advertising. Additionally, it has the capability of identifying potential risks and executing VIN-specific inventory strategies to correct them.


By providing an all-in-one solution, Lotlinx Complete has a significant impact on margins and helps dealers to take their business to the next level. It empowers dealers with the necessary tools to make data-driven decisions, and stay ahead of market changes and trends resulting in increased efficiency and profitability







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When you look at the operations of your dealership, everything is VIN-specific. We haven’t been able to achieve that on the marketing side, but I think that Lotlinx is the perfect answer.

Herb Anderson Marketing Director, Stephen Wade Auto Center

I hate the word vendor. What I’m really looking for is more of a partner. Lotlinx allows me the opportunity to increase gross profit without increasing costs.

Israel Mora General Sales Manager, Gosch Auto Group

If you’re smart, you’re going to take control of your ad budget today. Lotlinx targets the ones that aren’t getting as many VDP views and gets those in front of people at the right time.

Jeremy Wiggains General Manager, Vanguard Kia of Arlington
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