Dealer Inventory Management Technology Solutions

Lotlinx predicts risk and inventory carryover, providing automobile dealers and manufacturers with powerful AI/ML-driven automotive inventory management software and proactively delivering VIN-specific corrective action.

Data Intelligence

Lotlinx proprietary data and machine learning tracks 163 variables of real-time inventory data, consumer shopping behavior, and market demand data, empowering automotive professionals to run an efficient data-driven business.

Dealership Profitability

Lotlinx helps dealers meet their monthly profit goals by selling every unit at the highest possible margin (at an average increase in PVR of $350) within the shortest amount of days, helping to avoid severe price markdowns.

Inventory Turnover

Lotlinx VIN-specific technology identifies the right buyer for every car, with the ability to promote significantly more VINs than our competitors, enabling you to turn inventory faster, and increase your profits and share of market.

Our Product Suite

The Lotlinx product suite uses real-time data and machine learning
technology to increase volume, turnover, gross, and market share.

Product image taken from Sentinel the VIN Management Platform

Lotlinx Sentinel the VIN Management Platform

Lotlinx Sentinel the VIN Management Platform is a machine learning predictive technology, that helps dealers pinpoint the specific VINs needing attention in real time so there is no wasted advertising spend and dealers sell more profitably.

Additional Tools to Drive Success

Product image taken from Lotlinx VVO

Lotlinx VIN View Optimizer (VVO)

With VVO, auto dealers will know which VINs are actually being seen by buyers!

The Lotlinx VIN View Optimizer report gives dealers the power to assess the distribution of campaign spend, VDP views, shopper engagement, and more for every VIN on the lot.

This powerful report can help you identify which VINs are oversaturated and which ones are not being seen.

Product image taken from Lotlinx VMX

Lotlinx VMX

Put inventory risk in the rearview mirror.

Lotlinx VMX is a free browser extension that uses real-time market, pricing, and shopper engagement data to determine which vehicles need marketing promotion and the perfect time to promote them.

Product image taken from Lotlinx Showroom

Lotlinx Showroom

Since more than 70% of consumers research and shop for autos on their phones, your mobile site’s user experience needs to be perfect.

Lotlinx Showroom transforms dealership VDPs into beautiful mobile-optimized pages designed to encourage engagement and drive up to 5x the conversions, no matter what device a shopper uses.

Product image taken from Lotlinx Video

Lotlinx Video

The more personalized you can get the better your video ads will perform!

With Lotlinx Video, you can hyper-target your inventory advertising to consumers who are shopping your specific VINs. This will help to mitigate wasted advertising spend and improve the overall customer experience.


Why Do Dealerships Choose Lotlinx?

Lotlinx was created to hand operational and fiscal control back to the dealer. We have been harnessing our AI and machine learning technology for over a decade, purely focusing on how dealers can move their inventory more efficiently and effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Lotlinx Do?
Lotlinx is one of the pioneers in leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to help auto dealerships manage the profitability of their inventory. Our auto dealership inventory management software is built on a robust proprietary data set that helps reduce days on lot, increase margins, and mitigate inventory and advertising spending risk.
AI is only as good as the data it sources. Lotlinx is an AI machine learning technology that precisely predicts the optimal VIN-specific acquisition and inventory turn based on every car in your inventory. For over ten years, we have been leveraging big data, automotive industry market analytics, AI, and machine learning within our vehicle inventory management software.
A dealership needs a Sentinel VIN Management Platform so they can have operational control of their inventory in terms of days on lot, pricing, and margins. The Lotlinx VMP platform uses car dealership inventory management software to provide complete visibility of all the information needed on every vehicle. It can demonstrate the potential risk and outline the market demand to identify the vehicles that need to be promoted and when.

We are both, but at our core, we are an inventory management platform. We have been leveraging AI and machine learning for over 10 years to capture comprehensive data on inventory, but in addition, we have been tracking automotive consumer shopping and buying behavior patterns. As a result of this, we are able to match the right VIN to the right buyer ultimately leading to faster inventory turnover and sales with higher margins.


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