A person working on a laptop in a dealership, tracking KPI metrics to analyze sales growth.

7 Key KPI Metrics Dealers Must Track for Sales Growth

Car dealers always have something to track — dealership industry turnover, invoicing delays, labor rates; the list goes on. With the car dealership industry generating over $1 trillion in new vehicle sales in 2019 alone, the industry is both vast and challenging. It requires big investments but often operates with tight profit margins. It requires…

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Salesperson handing over car keys to a customer while shaking hands, illustrating successful car sales to boost profits.

How to Sell More Cars and Earn More Profit: Proven Strategies for Dealers

Over the past twenty years, selling new cars has become less profitable for many reasons. Stock market ups and downs, intense competition among manufacturers, and shifting consumer tastes have all joined the mix— even cyberattacks on major software providers; this month’s CDK Global attacks have caused widespread outages felt across the American auto retail sales…

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Image depicting virtual car sales at dealership with 'build trust' symbol.

How to Build Trust and Credibility in the Digital Age of Auto Sales

Building trust and credibility in the digital age of auto sales is one of the main determinants of success. Today, half of a consumer’s decision to repurchase or recommend an automotive brand or dealer revolves around trust. Although dealerships and car salespeople have historically faced skepticism, earning trust is achievable with the right approach. Embracing…

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A laptop on a table in the foreground with a car visible in the background inside a dealership showroom, illustrating the integration of technology in modern auto dealerships.

The Role of Technology in Modern Auto Dealerships: A Case for Automation

In an industry traditionally hesitant to embrace change, modern auto dealerships are now gearing up for a revolutionary shift. Historically, the intricacies of buying a vehicle—from delivery logistics to the high stakes attached to each purchase—have made the automobile sector a laggard in tech adoption. Unlike simpler commodities like books or electronics, cars posed a…

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A modern car dealership showroom with a laptop placed on a table in the foreground. Cars are on display in the background. This image highlights the role of technology in today's auto dealerships.

Using Artificial Intelligence To Win Car Sales

Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds big potential for the automotive industry in marketing and sales (M&S). Harnessing AI can transform how automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and retailers engage with customers, improving operations, personalizing interactions, and ultimately driving higher sales and lower costs. Here’s What You Need to Know About The Applications of AI in Automotive…

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A new car sits on the showroom floor of a dealership. A text "Markdown Mythbuster" is layered over the image.

The Markdown Myths and Realities of the Auto Industry

In the world of car sales, pricing strategies—especially the debate over dropping prices or “marking down” vehicles—come up often and can get pretty heated. The wisdom passed down between generations is that if a car is not selling, “mark it down.” Drop the price low enough, and the car will sell — so it works,…

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Rows of new cars parked at a dealership lot. Optimizing dealership inventory turnover can help ensure a fresh selection of vehicles to meet customer demand.

How To Optimize Dealership Inventory Turnover for Maximum ROI

Running an auto dealership comes with its unique set of challenges and rewards. Among the endless metrics to keep tabs on, the inventory turnover ratio is a critical indicator of a dealership’s operational performance. This ratio, calculated by dividing the cost of goods sold by the average inventory value, reveals how frequently a dealership cycles…

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A dealership showroom manager analyzes analytics graphs to identify opportunities for performance improvement and profit growth.

3 Ways to Use Data Analytics to Improve Dealership Performance

Running a dealership is like driving down a busy highway. You need the right car in stock, a clear roadmap to reach your target customers, and functional operations to keep things running smoothly. But in today’s competitive market, relying on instinct and experience alone can leave you stuck in the slow lane. In order to…

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Auto Dealership Inventory with AI Inventory Management Systems

Common Challenges in Auto Inventory Management and How to Overcome Them

For years, dealerships have walked on a tightrope of car inventory challenges, stocking up on the right VINs without risking overspending on inventory that could sit unused for extended periods. The unpredictable nature of sales and the unique customers that arrive at any given moment looking for a specific vehicle model make inventory management complex….

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Women using laptops to develop online automotive marketing campaigns to sell cars online

Mastering the Art of Virtual Selling in the Auto Industry

Digital disruption is hitting the world at an ever-evolving pace, and this could be said for any industry, including automotive companies and the largest original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). To adapt, car dealers must digitalize sales with virtual selling — transforming traditional selling methods into an innovative, tech-savvy marketplace.  The art of virtual sales in the…

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