A person working on a laptop in a dealership, tracking KPI metrics to analyze sales growth.

7 Key KPI Metrics Dealers Must Track for Sales Growth

Car dealers always have something to track — dealership industry turnover, invoicing delays, labor rates; the list goes on. With the car dealership industry generating over $1 trillion in new vehicle sales in 2019 alone, the industry is both vast and challenging. It requires big investments but often operates with tight profit margins. It requires…

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Salesperson handing over car keys to a customer while shaking hands, illustrating successful car sales to boost profits.

How to Sell More Cars and Earn More Profit: Proven Strategies for Dealers

Over the past twenty years, selling new cars has become less profitable for many reasons. Stock market ups and downs, intense competition among manufacturers, and shifting consumer tastes have all joined the mix— even cyberattacks on major software providers; this month’s CDK Global attacks have caused widespread outages felt across the American auto retail sales…

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Image depicting virtual car sales at dealership with 'build trust' symbol.

How to Build Trust and Credibility in the Digital Age of Auto Sales

Building trust and credibility in the digital age of auto sales is one of the main determinants of success. Today, half of a consumer’s decision to repurchase or recommend an automotive brand or dealer revolves around trust. Although dealerships and car salespeople have historically faced skepticism, earning trust is achievable with the right approach. Embracing…

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A laptop on a table in the foreground with a car visible in the background inside a dealership showroom, illustrating the integration of technology in modern auto dealerships.

The Role of Technology in Modern Auto Dealerships: A Case for Automation

In an industry traditionally hesitant to embrace change, modern auto dealerships are now gearing up for a revolutionary shift. Historically, the intricacies of buying a vehicle—from delivery logistics to the high stakes attached to each purchase—have made the automobile sector a laggard in tech adoption. Unlike simpler commodities like books or electronics, cars posed a…

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Learn about Sentinel the VIN
Management Platform

Maximize your profits with our automotive technology solutions that execute VIN-specific strategies via innovative features, including real-time market analysis and inventory management that increases turn, reduces waste, improves margins, and controls risk.

Team of experts analyzing automotive dealership performance data. Optimizing campaigns to reduce wasted ad spend and maximize ROI for car dealerships.

7 Strategies to Help Minimize Wasted Digital Media Dollars

The amount of wasted spending on digital advertising can vary significantly depending on various factors such as the targeting accuracy of the campaigns, the effectiveness of ad creative, ad fraud, and the specific goals of the advertisers. Estimates of wasted spending in digital advertising typically range from 30% to 80%.  At Lotlinx, our data suggests…

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A man and woman shake hands in a car dealership showroom, finalizing a deal. Automotive Inventory Management Partner can help streamline your sales process.

The Four Factors That Make A Great Automotive Inventory Management Partner

Having the right automotive inventory management partner for dealerships is a must. It’s easy to overlook inventory management, but not giving it the attention it deserves can cause issues that hurt your business. Imagine a customer coming in for a specific automotive part you think you don’t have, only to find out later it was…

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Too Many Dealers Are Stuck in the Pandemic When It Comes to Inventory Management

By: Len Short, Executive Chairman In the years immediately following the COVID-19 pandemic, auto dealers experienced a paradigm shift in inventory management, pricing strategies, and overall business operational strategy. The unprecedented circumstances led to a period where inventory acquisition was viewed as a “get it however you can” mentality. However, as the market dynamics for…

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A smiling salesperson in a black suit stands beside a car in a showroom, taking notes on vehicle inventory. This image reflects the importance of optimizing car inventory management to drive profit.

Optimizing Inventory Management To Drive Used Car Profitability

Efficient inventory management is a linchpin in car dealerships’ profitability and operational success. With the automotive industry facing both cyclical and structural changes, dealerships increasingly rely on strong inventory management to maintain competitiveness and secure their profit margins. However, they continue to face recurring challenges, such as maintaining transparent reporting, ensuring online visibility for all…

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NADA 2024 Show Recap

The NADA Show has officially wrapped, but the year is still heating up! With over 23,000 automotive professionals in attendance, this year’s NADA was filled with game-changing technology, revenue-generating best practices, and trailblazing partnerships. Check out everything that went down during the event: Industry Trends: Cutting-edge technology This year’s event theme “Driving the Future” could…

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How to Calculate Your Car Dealership Inventory Turnover Ratio

How to Calculate Your Car Dealership Inventory Turnover Ratio

Measuring the success of your auto dealership includes many metrics to track. The buying process isn’t linear any longer, as the digital age has transformed buyer behaviors, influencing changes in how you sell and market vehicles.  One of the most crucial numbers to calculate and use as a KPI (key performance indicator) is the automotive…

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