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Women using laptops to develop online automotive marketing campaigns to sell cars online

Mastering the Art of Virtual Selling in the Auto Industry

Digital disruption is hitting the world at an ever-evolving pace, and this could be said for any industry, including automotive companies and the largest original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). To adapt, car dealers must digitalize sales with virtual selling — transforming traditional selling methods into an innovative, tech-savvy marketplace.  The art of virtual sales in the…

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Team of experts analyzing automotive dealership performance data. Optimizing campaigns to reduce wasted ad spend and maximize ROI for car dealerships.

7 Strategies to Help Minimize Wasted Digital Media Dollars

The amount of wasted spending on digital advertising can vary significantly depending on various factors such as the targeting accuracy of the campaigns, the effectiveness of ad creative, ad fraud, and the specific goals of the advertisers. Estimates of wasted spending in digital advertising typically range from 30% to 80%.  At Lotlinx, our data suggests…

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A man and woman shake hands in a car dealership showroom, finalizing a deal. Automotive Inventory Management Partner can help streamline your sales process.

The Four Factors That Make A Great Automotive Inventory Management Partner

Having the right automotive inventory management partner for dealerships is a must. It’s easy to overlook inventory management, but not giving it the attention it deserves can cause issues that hurt your business. Imagine a customer coming in for a specific automotive part you think you don’t have, only to find out later it was…

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Too Many Dealers Are Stuck in the Pandemic When It Comes to Inventory Management

By: Len Short, Executive Chairman In the years immediately following the COVID-19 pandemic, auto dealers experienced a paradigm shift in inventory management, pricing strategies, and overall business operational strategy. The unprecedented circumstances led to a period where inventory acquisition was viewed as a “get it however you can” mentality. However, as the market dynamics for…

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Learn about Sentinel the VIN
Management Platform

Maximize your profits with our automotive technology solutions that execute VIN-specific strategies via innovative features, including real-time market analysis and inventory management that increases turn, reduces waste, improves margins, and controls risk.

Mind of the Dealer: The Importance of Brand Consistency

In the second installation of the LotLinx video series, “Mind of the Dealer,” we sit down with iFrog Digital Marketing COO, Brent Durham, to discuss the importance of brand identity, and how automotive dealers can maintain a consistent brand message through digital marketing efforts. To learn how you can put the industry’s #1 Automotive /AI/…

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From DrivingSales: 2018 Most Valuable Insight Awards

Eric Brown, LotLinx president, was recognized at the 2018 DrivingSales Presidents Club as a Most Valuable Insight finalist. “I think what’s fascinating is to watch the AI actually learn when we engage a new dealer or OEM. We can see literally a hockey stick as the machines starts to learn where are the best shoppers… and…

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From CBT News: VIN-Specific /AI/ Finds The Right Shopper For Your Vehicle

Jason Knight, LotLinx Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, met with CBT News to discuss how /AI/ identifies the optimal time to convert shoppers from a competitive vehicle to what an OEM is trying to move. To learn more about how you can put the industry’s #1 Automotive /AI/ to work at your dealership, schedule a FREE…

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The /AI/ Ecosystem: Bringing Value to Dealers

Len Short, LotLinx Chairman and CEO, meets with Jim Fitzpatrick of CBT News at the 2018 NADA Show to discuss how /AI/ is disrupting the digital marketing world for dealers. To learn more about how you can put the industry’s #1 Automotive /AI/ to work at your dealership, schedule a FREE demo today by filling…

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