Lotlinx News Vol. 310: Are dealers graduating at the top of the class?

Lotlinx insights:

Q1 2024 Lotlinx Vincensus

The Lotlinx Vincensus is a regularly syndicated report crafted to demonstrate the state of automotive inventory across major OEMs. It serves as a detailed comparative analysis that shows how each OEM is performing against industry benchmarks, so dealers can see where they rank amongst their competition.

This approach not only highlights relative performance metrics but also demonstrates where buyer demand is. It also shows how data has changed each month and quarter.


Industry roundup:

FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: Market rebound takes break in April

After 20 consecutive months of growth, light-vehicle sales volumes slipped 3.9% in April. Brands like Ford, Hyundai-Kia, and Mazda saw year-over-year declines, while Toyota and Volvo maintained double-digit gains.

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FROM CBT NEWS: Wholesale used vehicle prices dip in April as retail sales cool

Used vehicle sales were up 9% year-over-year in April, but down 4% compared to March. Used retail prices remain steady, up 2%, while wholesale vehicle prices have been on the decline since Q1.

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FROM AUTO REMARKETING: Study shows relevance of dealerships is rising – led by Gen Z

A recent study affirms that auto buyers still see value in the dealership experience, with many aspects growing in favor year-over-year. For example, 43% of buyers agree “dealers play an essential role” in the shopping journey, up 4 points from last year’s results.

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FROM AP NEWS: U.S. plans to impose major new tariffs on EVs, other Chinese green energy imports

The government is planning to impose tariffs up to 100% on certain Chinese-made imports in order to encourage the growth of EV and battery production in the U.S. and to hinder inexpensive, foreign-made cars from flooding the market.

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