LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 124: “Class, turn to the chapter on AI…”

It’s time to read up on this week’s auto advancements. Brush up on luxury sales expectations, the changing importance of test drives, and the future of AI in automotive.


FROM CBT NEWS: Luxury Vehicle Sales Expected to Rebound From Depression

Last quarter, luxury sales hit their lowest levels in two years, but analysts are hopeful consumer demand will return alongside the rest of the industry. Regardless, a Q2 study shows top brands like BMW and Audi continue to make up nearly 50% of the luxury consideration set.  

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FROM WARDSAUTO: Car Dealership Test Drives Go From First to Last

Is the test drive a thing of the past? As shoppers not only warm up to, but begin to prefer, online car buying, the once-critical step has now become a final affirmation as opposed to an initial selling point.

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FROM AUTOMOTIVE WORLD: The Promise of AI Drives Anticipation for the Cars of the Future

The pandemic has altered the way consumers view car purchases, and analysts believe artificial intelligence will soon be a key component in customer satisfaction. Customization, connectivity, and hygiene are all features the industry should expect to implement in future models.

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FROM REUTERS: GM, Ford Coronavirus U.S. Ventilator Projects Close in on Their Finish Lines

In another push toward normalcy, U.S. automakers are in the home stretch of completing their government-mandated medical equipment production. Over 1,500 factory employees will return to their normal production schedules when the project concludes.

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