LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 167: Knee deep in the data somewhere…



FROM THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Americans Are Keeping Their Cars Longer, as Vehicle Age Hits 12 Years

The average life cycle of a used vehicle is lasting longer than ever before, especially now that dealers have a new focus on retailing high mileage, pre-owned inventory.

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FROM BUSINESS INSIDER: Some Second-Hand Trucks Now Cost More Than Their Original Sticker Price in a Red-Hot Market

New data shows over 70 different used models being sold at wholesale auctions for more than their original asking price. However, last week saw the first signs of a possible slowdown on increasing vehicle prices.

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FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: The Latest Numbers on the Microchip Shortage: A Flare-up in N.A.

The number of new vehicles lost to the microchip shortage has reached 4.1 million units thanks to another round of global production cuts across multiple OEMs.

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FROM CAR AND DRIVER: Here Are All the Promises Automakers Have Made About Electric Cars

New car production may be tight right now, but nearly every major manufacturer aims to modernize dealership inventories by rolling out a number of electric and hybrid models within the next decade.

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