LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 176: Ain’t no sunshine when chips are gone


FROM BLOOMBERG: Chip Crisis Threatens to Cut Auto Output by 7.1 Million Cars

Pandemic-related lockdowns in Southeast Asia are worsening the semiconductor shortage and cutting auto output by nearly 2.1 million units this quarter. Now, chip production is not expected to level out until Q2 2022.

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FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: Now It’s Toyota’s Turn In the Crucible

After successfully avoiding the microchip shortage for months, the major OEM is expected to take a 40% production hit next month. Ford, GM, and VW are also taking steps to momentarily scale back manufacturing.

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FROM CNBC: Survey Finds Auto Industry Hit Hardest by Supply Chain Disruptions During COVID Pandemic

According to supply chain managers from across six major sectors, auto production has felt the largest impact from pandemic-related delays. The apparel, technology, and electronics industries have experienced less significant hits.

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FROM WARDSAUTO: The DNA of Today’s Car Dealership – And Tomorrow’s

In the midst of sales uncertainty, there are actions dealerships can take to ensure they’re providing superior customer service and building brand loyalty for more stable times.

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