LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 181: Wake Me Up When the Shortage Ends…

FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: CPO Sales Rebound Amid New-Vehicle Shortage

Many dealers have been opting out of the CPO process in order to expedite vehicle availability, only certifying about 30% of eligible inventory. However, increased CPO sales and turn rates might reiterate the value of certification.

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FROM CAR AND DRIVE: Feds Taking a Harder Stance on Chip Shortage, May Suspect Hoarding

The government is looking to further investigate chip manufacturing delays and remove possible roadblocks such as over-ordering. The latest estimates expect manufacturers to increase output by 16% through next year.

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FROM BLOOMBERG: Online Used-Car Dealers Thrive in Market Upended by Pandemic

Online-only retailers have seen great success in their ability to easily acquire used vehicles from consumers, but traditional stores are still playing catch up. Only 7% of the used cars sold at franchise dealerships last year came directly from consumers.

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FROM MCKINSEY & COMPANY: A Turning Point for US Auto Dealers: The Unstoppable Electric Car

A new, in-depth report analyzes the expected impacts of EVs on front end sales, service centers, and even employee training – relevant information as EVs are expected to make up half of new vehicle sales in less than 10 years.

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