LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 213: The Inventory Is Always Greener…

FROM CNBC: Used-Car Prices Are Down From Record Highs, Easing the Impact of Inflation

The worst of sky-high prices may be behind us – with wholesale prices showing signs of decline for three consecutive months after a long stretch of record elevation last year.

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FROM WARDS AUTO: Tougher Emissions, Fuel-Economy Rules Challenge Automakers

The new standards will require major reductions in emissions and improvements in fuel economy. How quickly the market can absorb electric vehicles will be key to meeting these standards.

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FROM AUTO NEWS: U.S. EV Registrations Surge 60% In Q1, Driven by Tesla, Ford, New Korean Models

Despite shortages, rising prices, and falling sales, battery-electric vehicle volumes are surging across the U.S., with registrations rising to 158,689 and taking a record 4.6 percent share of the light-vehicle total.

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FROM REUTERS: Automotive Industry Faces Long Term Battery, Raw Material Supply Issues

As automakers focus on putting electric vehicles on the market, long term implications of the transition need to be considered. Come 2025, the industry could be facing shortages of batteries and raw materials.

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