Perspective on the Depreciation of Third Party Cookies

Similar to legislators and tech giants, LotLinx understands the privacy concerns associated with cookie data and has ensured its audience and ad targeting platform operates free of the tracking technology. 



There are a number of key factors that outline the industry’s – and the LotLinx product’s – shift away from cookie data. 

First, cookie data has become less reliable than other forms of targeting and therefore should not be depended upon as a singular source of information. Cookie data is also used primarily in retargeting efforts as opposed to generating net new shoppers. And lastly, for years, there has been significant decision-making happening to protect consumer privacy, meaning an investment in cookie targeting methods is a ticking time bomb. 


More about the impact of cookies in automotive: 



The LotLinx product has not used third party cookies for audience and ad targeting since 2017. 

In an effort to future-proof the product, the LotLinx developers built a safe and effective targeting process free of cookie data. 

LotLinx technology is made up of three main components: 

    1. Contextual and behavioral audience-based data pulled from a deep integration into the automotive ecosystem.
    2. Highly structured outcome data pulled from tracking inventory and dealership websites at the VIN level.
    3. A Machine Learning model that ties the two sets of data together to deliver ads with the highest possible results.  

LotLinx audience targeting is free from third-party cookie data and three times more effective than the traditional cookie method. 

As cookie usage continues to depreciate, LotLinx encourages automotive retailers to take advantage of the first-party data available to them and look out for emerging technologies that operate free of the outdated technology.



Lance Schafer, LotLinx General Manager of Product & Technology

Lance came to LotLinx following a 15-year career managing investment opportunities in the technology and digital media spaces. In 2006, Lance co-founded – a comprehensive online automotive shopping and research marketplace. After nine years of serving as the CEO in which he directed strategic planning and led business development endeavors, LemonFree was acquired by LotLinx in 2015.

Lance joined LotLinx using his software engineering expertise where he was able to introduce machine learning to LotLinx massive ad network and co-develop two technology patents. Lance currently leads the Product & Technology team in the role of general manager, directing the creation of valuable products for the automotive digital marketing industry.

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