Lotlinx Weekly News Vol. 285: Q3 stuck to the status quo

Lotlinx insights:

The EV Inventory Conundrum: Trends Impacting the Market and Your Ability to Turn

The EV market is experiencing an explosion of choices for consumers, driven by manufacturers expanding their options. While hybrids have been around for decades, the new era of efficient vehicles is all electric. However, the path to EVs becoming the norm has been slower than anticipated.

Several trends shape the EV market’s direction. Inventory is increasing, yet automakers are unsure about plans. Building supportive EV infrastructure, like accessible charging stations, is a challenge. Consumer demand issues have led to growing unsold inventory.

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Industry roundup:

FROM REUTERS: U.S. new vehicles sales to rise in September

New-vehicle sales are expected to rise 13% this month thanks to sustained consumer demand. Despite recent manufacturing threats, current inventory levels are up over 63%, meaning there is enough inventory to keep shoppers at bay for the time being.

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FROM CNBC: Could the United Auto Workers strike affect car prices? ‘Inevitably yes,’ expert says

A 50 to 60 days’ supply of inventory should create a sizable buffer between consumers and the effects of the strike. However, popular models like Broncos and Grand Cherokees could be the first to see supply shortages and elevated prices. Once these models start to feel the effects, price changes will trickle down to the used market as well.

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FROM AUTOREMARKETING: Used-car sales continue year-to-date rise, despite headwinds

Used-car sales were up 4.5% year-to-date at the end of last month and SAAR climbed year-over-year. Because prices and interest rates are elevated across the industry, many consumers have been relegated to the used-car market to purchase their next vehicle.

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FROM WARDSAUTO: Dealer outlooks rest on used-car availability

This quarter, franchised dealers have a more positive outlook on the state of the industry than their independent counterparts. This disparity is in large part due to franchised dealers having more access to and profiting more off of used-cars and independents getting hit harder by interest rate hikes.

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