Lotlinx VVO

Imagine being able to see at a glance exactly how much money you’re spending and what results that money is generating. The days of guesswork and uncertainty are over. Never wonder if the marketing you are paying for is actually working again. 

The Free Lotlinx VIN View Optimizer gives you the power to track every single one of your car’s digital presence and optimize it with ease. Assess the distribution of spend, views, engagement, and more for your VINs at a glance. Save hours of reporting time every month. Enjoy the full transparency and never worry about wasted campaign dollars again.

Lotlinx VVO

Remove wasted spend

High converting VINs are sucking the budget from units that are underperforming in the marketplace. 

Identify risk inventory

Uncover which units need more or less marketing attention in order to sell and set a plan to promote the VINs that need the most help.

Inspect channel performance

Reevaluate your vendor traffic by channel and source to streamline your marketing operation.  

Optimize for ROI

Take your dealership to the next level.

It’s your dealership. Control it with Lotlinx.

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