Lotlinx Weekly News Vol. 259: Calling a timeout on new inventory?

Lotlinx insights:

Silicon Review: 50 Leading Companies of the Year 2023

With decades of automotive experience between them, Lotlinx’s Founders Len Short, Robert Vucic, and Jason Knight understand the problems dealers face. With too many layers wedged between dealers and shoppers, they aim to give dealers more control. At the time of Lotlinx’s founding, the technology dealers needed to connect with customers and save themselves time and money didn’t exist. So, they set out to do something that hadn’t been done before—bring dealers directly to the right customers, unrestricted by channel. With that vision, Lotlinx was born.

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Industry roundup:

FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: U.S. new-vehicle sales expected to grow in March, though momentum is slowing

This month’s SAAR is expected to dip between 13.8 million to 14.4 million units, a significant decline from both February and January sales and nearly flat from 2022. Can dealers continue to rely on financially wealthy consumers to afford $45,000 vehicles, or will pricing habits change with an increase in inventory?

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FROM CNBC: Why there may be no return to ‘normal’ for the U.S. used vehicle market

Used vehicle prices cooled significantly last winter – a sign that inventory levels were headed in the right direction. Today, levels are down 21% and aren’t expected to fully rebound for another three years. A lack of used cars is the direct result of a lack of new cars, and in this case, the result of an increase in lessees opting to buy their temporary vehicles.

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FROM KELLEY BLUE BOOK: Automakers are piling up full-size truck supply. Will incentives return?

Major truck sellers like Ford, Chevrolet, and Ram are keeping over 90-day supplies of their hottest models. This goes against many automakers’ plans to maintain lean inventories post production setbacks. Because these inventory levels are reminiscent of pre-pandemic backlogs, will dealers rely on familiar old tactics to move them?

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FROM REUTERS: Supply shortages threaten U.S. infrastructure

After three years, global manufacturers are still attempting to recover from the blows of the semiconductor shortage. The latest threat to automotive production? Competing with defense manufacturers supporting the war in Ukraine and other vital industries such as construction.

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