Lotlinx VMX

Lotlinx VMX is a free browser extension that provides VIN-level recommendations on the perfect time to promote (boost) your vehicle based on Lotlinx’s proprietary data set of real-time market pricing, shopper demand, and shopper engagement right to your desktop.

The extension is free to use for all users who are registered for the Lotlinx platform.  

Install the Chrome Extention here

Lotlinx VMX


Receive real-time recommendations on when and which VIN to “Boost”


Track VIN performance, price, local market supply, and active shopper demand against local dealerships and national market standards.


Track and reveal the current performance of your VINs based on analytics, demand, and pricing.

Special Offer

BONUS! Get your first 5 VINs for Free. (a $500 dollar value)

Lotlinx VIN Manager X works with Chrome.

Take your dealership to the next level.

It’s your dealership. Control it with Lotlinx.

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