Busting Pricing Myths: The Truth About Vehicle Markdowns

Webinar recording from June 18, 2024. Uncover the Truth About Effective Pricing Strategies Join Lotlinx CEO Jason Knight to debunk common misconceptions about markdowns and discover data-driven insights to optimize your sales strategy. In this webinar, we will reveal: Transform your approach to pricing with proven tactics that drive results. Don’t miss out on this…

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Do you really know where your advertising dollars are going?

Webinar recording from May 22, 2024. In an era of digital marketing complexities, it’s crucial for dealers to have a clear understanding of where their advertising dollars are specifically going. At Lotlinx, we have explored Google Analytics and inventory data of thousands of dealers and this is what we see everywhere. This webinar explores the…

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The Ultimate Guide to Effectively Manage your EV Inventory in 2024

Webinar recording from March 26, 2024. Electric vehicles made up 12% of the new car market in 2023, and analysts predict sales could rise by another 30% in 2024. But, EV supply and demand, evolving technology, and vehicle affordability could have an impact on those predictions. In this webinar, experts from Lotlinx discuss growing inventory…

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Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Dealership’s Ad Spend

Webinar recording from March 14, 2024. In an era of digital-marketing complexities, it’s crucial for dealers to clearly understanding exactly where their advertising dollars are going. For example, did you know that only 20 percent of a typical dealership’s digital-ad dollars go towards inventory that needs to move? In this webinar, experts from Lotlinx will…

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Learn about Sentinel the VIN
Management Platform

Maximize your profits with our automotive technology solutions that execute VIN-specific strategies via innovative features, including real-time market analysis and inventory management that increases turn, reduces waste, improves margins, and controls risk.

Fayetteville Dodge Ram boosts sales 241% with Lotlinx

When general manager Dominic Scruggs was hired to the run the Hudson Auto Group’s newly acquired Fayetteville Dodge Ram store, his first call was to Lotlinx. Dominic and the ownership’s main goals were to increase total unit sales, capture more market share, and move up in rank within their Stellantis zone. After working with the…

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The EV Inventory Conundrum: Three Trends Impacting Your Ability to Turn EVs

Several trends shape the EV market’s direction. Inventory is increasing, yet automakers are unsure about plans. Building supportive EV infrastructure, like accessible charging stations, is a challenge. Consumer demand issues have led to growing unsold inventory. This webinar will explore these trends and their impact on dealership profitability. Key takeaways: About Lotlinx: Lotlinx empowers automobile…

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Navigating inventory shortages amidst the United Auto Workers strike

On this episode of Driving Solutions, hosts Jim Fitzpatrick and Shyann Malone are joined by Tom Gage, chief strategy officer at Lotlinx. For years, Gage has helped dealers develop effective marketing strategies through data and a deep understanding of the American car market. Now, he joins the show to discuss how the United Auto Workers strike…

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Take Control of Your Retail Execution with Lotlinx

You run a great car dealership. But moving all your inventory on time and profitably is a monthly challenge. That’s where Lotlinx comes in. Lotlinx data gives you the best possible market advantage on every vehicle transaction. Execute VIN-specific strategies to increase turn, reduce waste, improve margins, and control risk. Maximize your profits with innovative…

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King Automotive Group attributes 75% of sales to Lotlinx

Prior to using Lotlinx, King Automotive Group was focused on two main objectives: 1) accelerating inventory movement and 2) market share growth. However, managing partner, Jerad King, discovered that his existing inventory strategy was not effectively reaching the store’s target audience and was not exposing all of its inventory to potential buyers.  King reduced the…

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Learn the driving factors to move used inventory faster

Do you know everything about your used inventory? In today’s market, it is crucial to have precise control over used car inventory. This can be achieved through effective price management and diligent monitoring of demand for every vehicle in stock. Proper management of inventory selection, pricing, and demand helps maximize profitability and inventory turnover. Listen…

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Feel the Lotlinx Effect

Lotlinx was created to hand operational and fiscal control back to the dealer. We have been harnessing our AI and machine learning technology for over a decade, purely focusing on how dealers can move their inventory more efficiently and effectively.

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