Mastering the Art of Virtual Selling in the Auto Industry

Digital disruption is hitting the world at an ever-evolving pace, and this could be said for any industry, including automotive companies and the largest original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). To adapt, car dealers must digitalize sales with virtual selling — transforming traditional selling methods into an innovative, tech-savvy marketplace. 

The art of virtual sales in the auto industry requires not only knowledge of your inventory and the market but also an intricate understanding of digital platforms and consumer online behaviors. Here is a breakdown of Lotlinx’s blueprint for excelling in the online auto sales world.

Tip #1: Auto Dealers Need to Build a Strong Online Presence Through Digital Marketing Techniques.

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If auto dealers need to remember one thing about virtual selling, it’s that your website’s visual appeal and user experience can make or break a sale. Secure them with an accurate, modern, and user-friendly website. The best way to do this is through implementing SEO best practices like keyword-fresh content and UX-driven designs to boost search rankings and attract more qualified leads. To drive SEO traffic even further, use Lotlinx’s automotive data platform to track your VINs digitally, evaluate your marketing spend, and measure views and engagement for each vehicle. This gives you the visibility you need to refine your website. and target your digital marketing efforts.

Tip #2: Focus On a Data-Rich Online Sales Strategy.

Beyond building a marketing strategy for car dealerships, sellers already know how important it is to identify and understand their target audience. But how far do your traditional methods go to analyze their unique buyer profiles? 

Use AI-driven data analytics to collect the demographics, preferences, and buying behaviors of your ideal customers. A strong automotive inventory management platform accelerates sales by identifying the right buyers for the right vehicles. It reduces inventory turnover (the Lotlinx 7-10 day-faster standard is ideal), ensuring every unit is sold at the highest possible margin. 

When you have a system built on holistic VIN data, you get less wasted advertising spending through precise targeting that ultimately meets your monthly profit goals. Provide solutions that meet the specific needs of your buyers, not just products.

Tip #3: Prioritize Digital Communication and Negotiation.

Highly responsive and personalized communication sets the groundwork for successful online negotiations. Thanks to technology and automation, you can now engage with potential buyers via live chats, video calls, and instant messaging, providing a real-time, personalized shopping experience. Beyond that, you can use an inventory management browser extension to get real-time VIN-level recommendations while you communicate. 

When negotiating, clarity, confidence, and transparency are critical. Always be upfront about pricing, financing options, and any running promotions to solidify trust and inspire the buying decision.

How to Quickly Overcome the Challenges of Online Sales

Adjust your sales pitch to tackle the inherent limitations of online car sales, such as the inability of customers to physically inspect or test drive vehicles. High-resolution photos, 360-degree vehicle videos, and detailed descriptions can help overcome these hurdles. Offer virtual test drives, easy-to-access vehicle history reports, and transparent pricing further to simplify the decision-making process for online shoppers. The automotive sector is going through an unprecedented upheaval not seen since the industry’s infancy a century ago. Dealerships that can perform successful virtual selling through automation will position themselves to rise in this dawning era. Request a demo to see Lotlinx’s automotive remarketing solution.

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