Playing Inventory Defense with Len Short and ASOTU

From the ASOTU podcast episode description:

Paul J Daly and Kyle Mountsier engage in an insightful conversation with Len Short, Founder and Chairman of Lotlinx. Len shares the origin story of Lotlinx, highlighting how the company evolved from aggregating data for used car window stickers to becoming a big data company in the automotive industry. He delves into the significance of tracking 196 factors that influence whether a car sells on time and how this data-driven approach enables dealers to predict sales with remarkable accuracy. Len emphasizes the current market changes, including increasing inventory and tighter margins, and underscores the need for dealers to manage their inventory proactively. He advocates for a data-centric approach to tackle these challenges, stressing the importance of playing ‘defense’ from day one with inventory management. This discussion offers a deep dive into how automotive dealers can leverage big data to make informed decisions and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

About ASOTU:

Paul J Daly created the Automotive State of the Union in response to the chaos and fear of the COVID shutdown in early 2020 with the founding belief that “When Dealers Band Together, No Crisis Can Win.” Kyle Mountsier joined the vision in 2021, emphasizing the belief that a focused community can truly shift the culture and perception of the retail automotive industry.

About Lotlinx:

Lotlinx empowers automobile dealers with data and technology to give the best possible market advantage on every vehicle transaction. Lotlinx offers a suite of features such as real-time market analysis, inventory management, and precision targeted vehicle advertising. Dealers leverage the platform to identify potential inventory risks and execute VIN-specific strategies enabling them to move inventory faster and more efficiently.

To start leveraging Lotlinx technology at your dealership, request a free, individualized Inventory Risk Analysis. 

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